Community Involvement

School Supplies Gift Program

Christensen & Hymas believes that community involvement is a vital part of a healthy society; that is why they have set up certain programs that seek to enrich society as a whole through community involvement. The School Supplies Gift Program, the Hit & Run Reward Program, and the Viral Video Scholarship Program are programs that give back to the community by rewarding outstanding behavior. The attorney’s blog that we provide is a useful tool for those seeking more information about personal injury claims and more. Feel free to peruse these pages at your leisure.

The School Supplies Gift Program

This program seeks to aid teachers by rewarding them with a $250.00 gift card to OfficeMax. Each month a teacher is selected from a pool of nominees. The Nominees come from any person willing to recognize and share the outstanding attributes of teachers they know.

The Hit & Run Reward Program

This program is especially helpful to the community by bringing justice to those who have been injured in hit-and-run car accidents.  Witnesses of the accident call the “We Tip” crime hotline, a neutral third-party organization, in order to identify and capture the perpetrator of the crime.

Attorney’s Blog

Our blog is a useful tool to those who seek further information regarding personal injury accidents. The content varies and often includes subjects as diverse as car accidents, bike accidents, wrongful death claims, spinal injuries, head injuries, insurance claims, etc.

Christmas Lights Display

In 2012, Christensen & Hymas put up an interactive Christmas light display to brighten the Christmas spirit. The gesture was made to promote our Utah accident victim book and to support a non-profit medical service, Neuroworx.

Viral Video Scholarship Program

With the rising costs of college, the need for monetary compensation is great. With this in mind, this program seeks to aid a rising college freshman who submits an outstanding video of superior quality that is both unique and instructive. Scholarships are given twice a year. Be sure to check back this summer for this year’s competition which starts in September.