Utah Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions to assist you in your personal injury matter.

1. What is a personal injury lawyer and how could one help me?

A personal injury lawyer practices tort law, or law dealing with personal injury: bodily harm incurred by another’s negligence.  A personal injury lawyer seeks to obtain monetary compensation from the at-fault party—or the at-fault party’s insurance company—in order to compensate the victim for any losses caused by the accident.  

2. An insurance adjuster for the other driver just called me. What can I expect from this careless driver’s insurance company? Whose side are they on?

Not Yours! The other drivers insurance company has two goals: (1) they want to protect the interest of the driver who caused your injury, and (2) they want to pay you as little money as possible.

3. The insurance adjuster for the other driver and my insurance company are requesting I give them a recorded statement about what happened. What should I do? Am I obligated to give a recorded statement?

Although the insurance adjuster who calls may give you the impression that you are obligated to give a statement, you are under no such obligation. Once a statement is given they will use it against you—even your own insurance company!

4. I was injured in an accident and need treatment. Who will pay for my medical bills?

If the car you were in was insured then you may be eligible for No-Fault insurance or PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits. Almost every Utah car insurance policy has at least $3,000 available for medical bills, no matter who was at fault in causing the accident. At Christensen & Hymas we can usually help you obtain these benefits and others at no charge.

5. My PIP benefits have been exhausted and now the hospitals and doctors are going to send my bills to a collection agency? What can I do?

You should talk to a lawyer if there is any refusal to pay medical bills. At Christensen & Hymas, we can often arrange for payment of medical services upon settlement of your case. We will set up a medical lien agreement with your doctors, who will wait to have their bills paid until after your case is settled.

6. What should I do if the other driver was at fault and does not have insurance?

If the other driver was not insured, you can make a claim under the Uninsured Motorist coverage (UM) of your own policy. If the accident was not your fault, your rates cannot go up because of the accident. Although you will be compensated from your own insurance company, you may be required to arbitrate your claim and will need to contact an attorney right away.

7. I was in a rear-end collision. The vehicles sustained little damage and I am in a lot of pain but the insurance adjuster is telling me that I could not have been injured. What can I do?

Many insurance adjusters will try and convince you that because the vehicles sustained little or no visible damage, the vehicles’ occupants could not have been injured. This is not necessarily true. While cars are designed to handle low speed impact forces, the human body is not. Serious injuries can result from what may appear to be a minor impact. At Christensen & Hymas, we will ensure you are treated fairly no matter how serious the impact.

8. Can I get money for my pain and suffering?

An insurance adjuster may offer to pay your medical bills and lost wages to get a quick settlement, but you are also entitled to money for pain and suffering, future medical bills and compensation for time lost from work. Proving these damages is one of the most challenging aspects of an automobile accident claim (to learn more, click here). It is the insurance company’s job to get the lowest possible settlement. We know what your claim is worth and we will fight to get you the highest possible settlement.

9. Why is the insurance adjuster telling me not to hire an attorney?

Probably because insurance claims handled without an attorney are usually a lot cheaper for the insurance company. At Christensen & Hymas we know what your claim is worth and we can help receive everything you are entitled to.

10. I need help from an attorney but I don’t want to sue the person that caused the accident. Do I have to file a lawsuit?

Most cases are settled with the insurance company without having to file a lawsuit. In fact, less than 5% of all cases actually end up in trial. Many times we are able to settle cases before trial through arbitration or mediation.

11. I would like to talk to a lawyer, but I cannot afford one. What can I do?

All of our initial consultations are free. It will cost you nothing to meet with one of our Attorneys and determine whether we can help. As your attorney, we will agree to take your case on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not have to pay for our services unless we win or settle your case. And if we don’t win, you pay nothing. You truly have nothing to lose!

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