Slip and Fall Accidents

Utah Slip and Fall AccidentsAll too often, slip and fall accidents—or premises liability accidents—result in very serious injury, and in some cases, death. When an individual falls on a floor, sidewalk, stairs, or other surface and it results in injury, the potential for a slip & fall case exists. In Utah, property owners are legally required to reasonably maintain their property and can be held liable when they don’t. Uneven floors, poor lighting, a slippery surface or an unseen danger, such as a hole, can all result in serious slip and fall injuries.

Laws Regarding Slip and Fall Claims in Utah

The rules regarding slip and fall lawsuits can be confusing which makes it even more important for injured parties to contact an experienced slip and fall attorney at Christensen & Hymas as quickly as possible. Variables like the type of property and whether the injured party was invited onto the property have to be taken into account when deciding how and whether to pursue compensation for an injured client. For instance, if the injury occurred on government property, steps must be taken before a lawsuit can be filed. The statute of limitations is unique in government property cases, and very often, special forms or notices must be immediately filed to seek restitution.

The law also treats slip and fall cases differently depending on the relationship between the injured and the property owner. Business visitors, public visitors, licensees and trespassers are all examples of the different types of entrants. Property owners have varying degrees of duty of care with all entrants. Trespassers, obviously, have the fewest rights when it comes to seeking compensation for negligence in the case of a slip and fall, but they do have some rights, especially if they were not on the property with the intention of committing a crime. Child trespassers are also due a higher duty of care by landowners, regardless of whether they are invited or not.

Business visitors to a property include employees and potential customers. The duty a landowner owes to a business visitor is to ensure the premises is free of defects and safe for the public as a whole. The landowner also has an absolute obligation to repair any dangerous conditions on the property and to warn any business visitors of hidden defects that have not been repaired. Public invitees are usually individuals the landowners wish to be on the land. Property owners must take ordinary care to make sure these invitees are relatively safe.

How a Slip and Fall Lawyer Helps Utah Residents

With so many variables involved when “proving” negligence in these types of slip and fall cases, it is imperative to contact experienced, competent council to defend your rights. Whether you were a trespasser on the property or an employee or invited guest, you have rights regarding your safety. When the negligence of a property owner results in your personal injury accident, the slip and fall attorneys at Christensen & Hymas can help you receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

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