Truck Accidents

Utah Semi-Truck AccidentGloria was used to being the caregiver, not the patient. She had worked as a registered nurse in Cedar City, UT, where she commonly pulled 12-hour shifts. Yet for three days, Gloria laid in a hospital bed as nurses and doctors rigorously worked on her injuries from a Utah semi-truck accident.

A Truck Accident in Utah

On August 19, Gloria was driving along I-15 near Fillmore, Utah where the roadside had been charred by the Milford Flat fire (the largest wildfire in Utah history) just a few weeks before. High winds combined with smoke and dust from the fire resulted in dangerous driving conditions. With limited visibility, Gloria was forced to gradually slow her vehicle while traveling southbound on I-15.  As she came to a stop in traffic, a semi-truck slammed into the back of her vehicle. Despite near zero visibility from the smoke and ash, this careless semi-truck driver failed to slow down, causing his 40,000 pound semi-truck to plow right into the back of Gloria’s car.

Gloria vividly remembers the sound of crushing metal. After looking down at her left arm, Gloria saw twisted metal had cut her arm and torn through her muscle. The bone was now visible, and she was losing a dangerous amount of blood. A bystander quickly created a makeshift tourniquet with his belt and applied pressure to the wound until an ambulance arrived. She was transported to Fillmore Hospital, but her injuries necessitated a life-flight transport to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, where she remained as an in-patient for three days.

The accident left her with injuries to her neck, back, and the entire left side of her body. A pelvic fracture required her to stay in bed for eight weeks, a tedious recovery that forced her out of work.When the trucking company started calling to ask questions and demanded a recorded statement, Gloria’s son suggested she call our law firm. Gloria worked in the medical field and was somewhat leery of personal injury lawyers. But since we had successfully represented her son after he was involved in a car accident, she agreed to make the call.

Fighting Against the Semi Truck Company

Gloria was up against a large trucking business and their insurance company, she did not know what to do. She could not work and had towering medical bills from this unfortunate semi-truck accident. She also wanted to make sure this careless truck driver didn’t hurt anyone else.

How Christensen & Hymas Helped

We met with Gloria and her family. As her lawyers, we listened as she told us about her accident and how she was losing a fatal amount of blood before the makeshift tourniquet was applied. We listened as she told us that she was not the litigious type. We talked about how her injuries would keep her from working for several months. Gloria had worked hard her whole life to maintain a good credit score, but now she wasn’t sure how she could pay her bills and protect her good credit. She had never dealt with an insurance claim before and had several questions.

Gloria is proof that a negligent driver can turn an innocent victim’s life upside down. We talked about semi-truck accident claims and how we could get her lost wages paid immediately. Together we outlined a plan on how we would present her case to the insurance company and settle her case. We explained that since we only handle accident and injury claims and deal with these insurance companies on a regular basis, we are able to settle most cases without even filing a lawsuit.

We ultimately received a significant settlement for Gloria without going to trial. She has become a great friend and is part of our law firm’s family of satisfied clients.

“I’m so glad I called Christensen & Hymas after my accident, I don’t know what I would have done without them!” Gloria said at the close of her case. “They don’t fit any of the stereotypes I had about personal injury lawyers.”

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