School Supplies Gift Program

School Supplies Gift Program

What is the Golden Apple Award?

The “Golden Apple Award” is part of Christensen & Hymas’ School Supplies Gift Program that seeks to enrich Utah’s classrooms by lending a helping hand to exceptional teachers. Once a month, a teacher from the Utah, Salt Lake and Davis county public schools is selected through nominations to receive a $250 OfficeMax gift card to use on necessary classroom supplies.

According to a study by the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA), public school teachers in the United States spent more than $1.33 billion out of pocket on supplies and instructional materials in the 2009-2010 school year. Another survey revealed that teachers spend an average of $356 per year of their own money on supplies and instructional materials. The School Supplies Gift Program is a means to decrease teachers’ out-of-pocket expenses, a small way we seek to give back to the community.

How It Works

1. Each month during the school year, Christensen & Hymas will select from among the nominees one outstanding teacher who will win the Golden Apple Award. The teacher will receive a $250 OfficeMax gift card for use in their classroom.
2. Exceptional teachers can be nominated by friends, colleagues, administration, parents, students, or even themselves.
3. Winners will be notified via phone and email where they will be given more details of their award.

Golden Apple Award Nomination

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“Thank you so much for the $100 gift card to Smiths, which provided me the funds to purchase: 20 jars of jam/jelly, 6 large cans of roast beef and 13 large cans of chicken. The jam will probably see us through most of the year as we provide daily peanut butter & jam/jelly sandwiches for our students. The canned meats will provide about 20 students with weekend meals. Your generosity is appreciated. As a result of the newspaper article, I’ve had a woman offer to volunteer in the Food Pantry at Mountain High. The Golden Apple Award is a wonderful program that promotes education and recognizes the silent financial contributions of teachers.” – Cheryl R.

“Thank you for the gift card! I have already spent it on a sturdy 3 hole punch, printer ink, and electric pencil sharpener and white out. These are all expensive items that will help us in writing our own books! I appreciate your generosity!” – Cathy T.

“I wanted to thank you for all you do for kids and teachers. Your efforts are very appreciated! Thank You!” – Casey P.

“Thanks so much for the $100 gift certificate for supplies for my classroom. I was able to use coupons, sale items, etc. and purchase so much to use in my classroom. I so appreciate your law firms commitment to education. You made my day!” - Joani R.

“Thank-you again for your generosity with selecting my class to be the winner of the Golden Apple Award. We are so blessed to have school supplies, backpacks, a lunch box, and cleaning supplies; all purchased with the gift card. We are so thankful!” - Mrs. Sullivan’s Class

Teacher Winners from 2013-2014

Lorie Reynolds
Carla Bowers
Anegla Oviatt
Tasha Radman
Sarah Smith

Teacher Winners from 2012-2013

Marilyn_Hulme Jeanne Simpson Pam Hansen
Sarah_Kohrman Natalie Larsen Abbie Brown
Randy Olsen  Taralyn Timothy Tina Huber
Crystal Spackman Joanie Calton Bonnie Dixon
Sarah Fluhman Natalie_Bristow Leslie Edwards
 Olivia Oldham Staci Pugmire
Shelley Liu  Patricia Bradford
Betty Bealk Laura_Moray
Michelle_Poorte Claudia_Peterson
Rick_Richman Staci_Rodriguez

Teacher Winners from 2011-2012

Monica Rotermund Lois Lovell Joanie Richardson  Tawny Hawkins
Ranae Broderick Heather Sullivan Sharon Hansen Rita Egbert
Casey Pickett Desiree Barlow Linda Bendall  Katie Dewey
Ryan Miller Lindsey Erickson Amy Grigich   Walter Schofield
Cheryl J. Richards Tiffanie Rushton Darren Hirsche  Courtney Martin
Cathy Tonge Nelma Hansen Kathie Jorgensen
Becky Dunleavy Jenni Perkins Kathy Wilkins
Stephanie Broderick Paula Marquez Gringer Brakke
 Courtney Jensen Andrea Holmquist  Linda Walker
Brooke Mueller Richard ‘Rique’ Ochoa Kimberly Marsh